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Hello! I'm Kitti Minx! I make ASMR Audio Roleplaying Content that's super interactive and fun! Thank you so much for coming here to join me and support me I couldn't be doing this without you so this is my special way of also giving extra things back! I hope you continue to enjoy!  You can see my main content all on My Youtube! Also be sure to check out my 2nd channel " Sleepy Kitti ASMR ' for pure Wholesome & Relaxation content! And if you like Livestreams follow me on TWITCH!  I'm not monetized on YouTube so there's NO ADS on my content! As such I encourage you to support my craft via Patreon or Ko-Fi! <3 Click the "About" tab on the Menu to learn more about me and don't forget to check out the stores for cool merchandise! 

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