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Hello! I'm Kitti Minx! I make ASMR Audio Roleplaying Content that's super interactive and fun! Thank you so much for coming here to join me and support me I couldn't be doing this without you so this is my special way of also giving extra things back! I hope you continue to enjoy!

My main ( SFW ) ASMR Audio Roleplay content can be found on my
Odysee Channel! ( Note: This is my new home after my original YouTube and second plus third one were terminated for asinine reasons. As such due to YouTube subtly changing their policies I likely will only post short previews/clips of audios that go up on Odysee if I return to YT at all. As well as audios where I lost the original files due to them being on devices that I no longer have access to or broke will likely not reappear anywhere.)  

You can see some of my more tame ASMR Audios on my Wholesome YouTube
 channel " Sleepy Kitti ASMR ' for pure Wholesome & Relaxation content! Free Public 18+ NSFW ASMR Roleplay content can be found on my Hub Channel! And if you like Livestreams follow my VTuber persona - Orki the killer whale || HERE || ! 

Some of my audio content can be found (for FREE with optional paid content) on the
OhCleo Audio platform! ( Audios that either YouTube will no longer allow or are really popular.) For only $1 you can also access original short-form LEWD audio content (think like a lewd audio TikTok) on Oshi4ever as well! Many of the audios on there have an Aquaphile / Underwater theme. (Both platforms have mobile apps too!) 

I am NOT in ANY site's monetization program - which means my channel isn't monetized and my content is
100% Advertisement-Free (aside from ads the platform insets themselves I have no control over)! As such I encourage you to support my craft via Patreon or Ko-Fi because regular sponsors don't often work with ASMR creators either... <3 Click the "About" tab on the Menu to learn more about me , the "Customs" tab if you're interested in your own custom audio, and don't forget to check out the Shops for cool merchandise!

If you're interested in IRL NSFW X-rated content and you're over 18 check out and consider a Sub to my
Fansly page! Over 1k pics and 100+ HD videos so far!

If you enjoy my Livestreams (especially my Mature/Adult ones) you can now enhance them to make them more interactive! Learn how
|| HERE ||


June 28-30 2024!


Want to buy some of my Exclusive ASMR Roleplay Audios that YOU like and can pick and choose at your leisure without having to subscribe to a monthly service? Come check out my selection at my new Audio Store!

A good link to find a hub for all the content I offer is my CARRD page!

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