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Ordering Custom Content

Samples of SFW Custom Commissions (With Permission Given To Share Publicly):
 [ Edit 2024: Currently down due to YouTube issues; Trying to backup archive of comms on Odysee ]

Update April 2024: Due to medical reasons, a recent move/relocation, other obligations, and some personal affairs, some custom commission orders may be slower going than others. Ones that are made via certain Patreon Tiers or someone paid a Rush Order/Set Deadline for are prioritized over ones that weren't booked that way. Also ones that aren't overly complex but someone spent more funds on are also given priority over cheaper or really complex projects. Orders booked before 2023 that weren't delivered are still being redone as those project files were lost/corrupted due to severe tech issues that occurred. 

Commissions Are Currently At Kitti's Discretion Outside of Patreon! (Thank You For Understanding.)

Currently Doing A "Flash 5 Minute Audio Sale"!

For ONLY $25 (USD + sales tax) you get a custom SFW *or* NSFW Audio that's just roughly 5 minutes long. Note this will only be a cleaned up voice track - no sfx, no ambience, etc. And my "Do Not Do" list still applies to this as well which you can see below! This is a great deal if you have a simple idea you'd like to hear my voice used for!  (You can hear a sample of this type of audio || HERE || !) Payment made via providing a VALID email to have an Invoice sending to and paying with a card such as Visa, Master Card, Discover, etc. Place your order by emailing me at please!

Fun Tip: You get a better deal on customs if you pledge at the Patreon tier! But note that due to Patreon TOS any custom content made via a pledge reward must be shared on the Patreon page with other patrons (meaning it can't be personalized or private). Patreon Audios can't go past 30 mintues in length either and can't require heavy editing or extreme themes!

How To Order:

  1. Come up with your idea/concept!

  2. Pricing - $50+ for Safe For Work, under 15 minutes, minimum editing, no personalization, with permission to share publicly; $70+ for Safe For Work, under 15 minutes, average editing, no personalization, with permission to share publicly; $75+ for Safe For Work, 15 - 30 minutes, average editing, no personalization with permission to share publicly (or under 20 minutes and kept private); $100+ for Not Safe For Work/XXX, under 15 minutes, minimum editing, no personalization, with permission to share publicly; $125+ for Not Safe For Work/XXX, under 15 minutes, average editing, no personalization, with permission to share publicly OR for Safe For Work, over 20 minutes, average or heavy editing;  $150+ for Not Safe For Work/XXX, over 20 minutes, average or heavy editing, no personalization with permission to share publicly  $200+  Not Safe For Work/XXX, well over 30 minutes, heavy editing, personalization/public use up for negotiation. (*Please note these are baseline average prices and can be negotiable, depending.)[ Note: these prices are for Kitti playing only ONE character! If you want Kitti to play multiple characters add +75% of the quoted original price!

---------- IF YOU WANT AN EXPEDITED COMMISSION (under 3 months completion) it will be a $80 surcharge for 2 weeks, $60 for 1 month, $45 for 2 months, and $25 for 3 months. This is non-negotiable especially if your commission is complex. 

---------- IF YOU WANT KITTI TO FOLLOW AN EXACT SCRIPT WRITTEN BY YOU/A WRITER: It's a $50 fee for <15 minutes ; $75 fee <25 minutes ; $100 fee for 30-35 minutes ; and anything longer must be negotiated! Kitti likes having creative freedom when making audios, even custom ones, so limiting her to a set script takes away from said freedoms and creative liberties and causes more work for her not less. 

--------- Non-Patreon paid Custom Audios that a commissioner wants private will be an additional $50+ fee depending on length and complexity of the audio and $75+ fee for both private and personalized with a name used! 

--------- An additional $50-$150 fee will be applied to projects that teeter outside Kitti's comfort zone but is willing to do if she genuinely vibes with the overall idea of your project. Please see list of Do Not Do's below for what she may not be comfortable with!



  1. Email me your commission request! (Either directly or using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page!)  Please do not use Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc), Patreon DMs (they are unreliable)  or Youtube Comments to contact me with commission requests. Email for Custom Content is ( you can CC as well )

  2. How Payments Work - I ask for 50% up front then the other 50% within 24 hours of completion and confirmation of the file being sent to you - if your commission is over $150.. A small written form is sent for you to confirm your agreement to paying in this manner. If your commission is under $150 you must pay it all up front and show proof of payment before I will add you to the queue. 

  3. Payments are sent via Venmo, StreamLabs Donations, Ko-Fi ,  or through BuyMeACoffee! But Kitti's most preferred payment if you have a proper email and method of payment (a credit/debit card that works with USD) is to send an Invoice payable through her shop site!

  4. Turnaround Time can be anywhere from 1 week to 6 months  to a year+ depending on the complexity of your request and where you are in the queue (some Patreon tiers include Customs so their projects are given priority as are those who pay extra to have their commissions expedited to get by a certain date), as well as how my own health is doing on top of my work schedule.  Please be patient! I will keep you updated on the status of your project via email! [ EMAIL ME for status updates on your commission. DO NOT do it via Twitter/Instagram/Discord DMs or through Ko-Fi's messaging service. ] Please limit your inquiries to once a week tops to avoid spam. Thanks!

  5. If you order more than one audio piece at a time there may be a significant wait in delivery times between them as I will work in other orders between your first order and any others you placed at the time (you could wait a year even depending on how you ordered and the priority of your order ESPECIALLY if your total order was UNDER $100!).

  6. If it turns out I can't complete a request at all - for example your request is based on an existing property (like a movie, tv show, game, anime, etc) that I'm not familiar with and cannot find enough time to get familiar with where I feel confident in making the project anything you paid will be refunded! 

Note: Because of the time, labor, and resources that go into making customs which takes away from working on my own projects and Patreon exclusive pieces this service is NON-REFUNDABLE  (with the exception of #6 above)! Thank you for your understanding! 

(For NSFW Content) Things I Don't/Won't Do:
- Rape/Blatant Non-Con (Dub- Con can be negotiated)
- Characters who are under age 18 or presented in a way to be perceived as a minor/child
- Creature play with real existing animals (werewolves/centaurs are okay - regular wolves/horses are not
- Direct Incest (Mother/Child, Father/Child, Sister/Brother, Sister/Sister, etc)
- Non-Sex-related Body Functions (no excessive burping, farting, vomit, scat/poop, blood (vampire scenarios are okay), etc)


Contact Me About Customs Here:

Thanks! Message sent.

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