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About   Kitti  Minx


Kitti Minx hails from North Texas, USA and has been making ASMR Roleplay Audios/Videos since late 2017. She's old enough to know better and young enough not to care. In college she specialized in Film and Animation as well as Marketing. One of her favorite hobbies is cosplay, the others are writing and doodling. When not making ASMR Roleplay Videos or working her travel job she is wife to Military service member husband D-Knight, and mother to a 9 year old (Beluga), 3 year old (Little Fox), and new baby (Eevee). She used to be a professional model but now currently only does so for fun. Also, she loves going to conventions and meeting awesome new people!

You can mail Kitti things to:

Kitti Minx
PO BOX 2521
520 E Vine St
Keller, TX , 76244

Or gift things to Kitti directly via THRONE Wishlist

She loves fanmail! Especially letters and art!

About Anna Maria Bryant (aka Kawitchii)

Anna Maria Bryant - "Kawitchii" - is the official graphic artist for Kitti Minx. Including merchandise, thumbnails, and Patreon exclusive pieces.

More About Anna/Kawitchii:

"I’ve been studying and practicing sequential art since I was 8 years old, drawing inspiration from my favorite cartoons and comics. In 2011, I started my own graphic novel titled “Adler’s Watch” which I’m working on to this day. There are many art styles and materials I’ve played around with, but my focus has always been sequential art illustration. I’m currently living in the USA working as a self-employed freelance artist. Sponsor me on Patreon or by commission!"

See more of Anna's work or contact her about a commission through her site !


Examples Of Art By Anna:

Support Anna Maria Bryant On Patreon!


Hi! I’m Dokima and I like to draw cute and lewd anime characters ! If you would like to see more of my stuff or to support me please follow me on twitter and patreon ! Here are my links;


About PureSchiinachan

PureSchiinachan is an experienced graphic and media artist who specializes in anime styled art rendered in multiple ways as well as short-form animations. Does both Safe for Work and Not Safe for Work pieces. Available for Commissions!

Contact:  (NSFW Profile 18+)

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