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Frequently Asked Questions

What made you do ASMR and when did you start?

I started doing ASMR Roleplays late 2017 on a whim. I'd bought a high quality microphone earlier that year to do a podcast with a friend. One night after recording the podcast I decided to open up my audio recording software and fool around - and thus my first character, the succubus Scarlet, was born. After that I found it fun so I made a few more. I never expected anyone to see them, let alone like them, so once they started taking off it inspired me to make more and more until I got to the point I'm at today.

What other content do you upload?

I upload audio blogs/vlogs/storytimes so you can learn more about me and I can keep you all updated on things going on (usually Soft Spoken or ASMR Whisper), original music mixes, and product reviews (sometimes in ASMR sometimes not). My reviews so far have mostly been of adult products I've received for free as PR - for some reason these companies associate ASMR as something adult. But to be honest I don't care too much they're pretty fun to do! 

Where do you get ideas for characters and stories and do you take requests?

Story ideas come to me from dreams, usually, or interesting plot styles I've seen in other media I want to put my own spin on. As for characters they're often based on an aspect of my personality, someone I met/know, or something that exists I want to give my own twist to. I rarely take requests for characters and don't accept new plot ideas - sorry! However you can commission me when I have commission slots open or being at a specific tier on Patreon! Sometimes I do ask my paid Patrons for Audio suggestions once in a while too!

Where do you get the art for your thumbnails?

Art not done by Anna Maria Bryant/Kawitchii (see the main About page to learn about her) or another artist I commission is made via a 3D Modeling program that does anime style characters that I edit in Photoshop. Art for my older thumbnails I found either in my old personal collection of fun art I found over the years, Japanese anime art books scanned in, or Pinterest. If you are the artist of any of the art used in the thumbnails please reach out to me and I will credit & link to your socials! As of 2023 I SOMETIMES use AI-generated art created ETHICALLY through a program created by the University I graduated from where all art submitted for the machine learning is done so willingly by students and faculty. Only students, faculty, and alumni can access this program. ( I went to an arts school with a main focus on Film & Animation studies. )

Are you a Lewd/Mature ASMRtist?

Initially I was with my first videos but after backlash from YouTube and my own personal interests wanting to be more geared towards other ASMR triggers as well as storytelling I've produced a lot more varied content. I'd call myself an ASMR Storyteller if I had to put a label on it.

What happened to your Lewd/NSFW ASMR and where can I find it?

All Lewd pieces not removed by YouTube were either made Unlisted, Age-Restricted (so you must be logged in and 18+ to view), or both by YouTube themselves. Even though I'm no longer using YouTube, such content is not exactly allowed on ODYSEE so it won't be going there either.  Newer Lewd pieces (made Spring of 2018 and later) as well as outright NSFW are available on my Patreon in which you do have to pay to join (access to that tier is $10 or more). This was a personal decision and one I decided on as a way to reward those who choose to support me beyond just Subscribing and following on Social Media. However there are two sample pieces - Cammy and Suki (they are both very NSFW) that can be found on my blog.. You can now individually purchase NSFW pieces on my Audio Shop shop as well if a monthly subscription isn't your thing. Prices range from $5.50 - $12 depending on the type of piece. Shorter NSFW ASMR "Vignettes" (under 25~ minutes) are available to view in SD (HD versions are on Patreon) over on my PHub Channel (must be 18+ o access)!

How many ASMR Roleplays have you created?

I have made (as of winter 2023 ) over 700 ASMR Roleplays (not including 200+ Patreon Exclusives) with over 100 unique characters and nearly a dozen different storylines. Unfortunately due to YouTube terminating my first and main channel a very good chunk of that content may be lost to the sands of time.

Do you have a way to follow specific plots and stories?

Many of my plots I have created organized Playlists for which you can find on my YouTube channel page ( such as the Supernatural Forest Story, Yandere Aiko VS Waifu Amy, The Realm of The Elves, High Roller In The City, and the Misha Rescue Plot ). I am still working on organizing older videos that have become part of ongoing stories into playlists with help from fans.

Why are all of your ASMR Roleplays Audio Only?

I currently don't have the funds, time, tools, and ability to make the custom costumes, settings, and props to do Facecam Visual ASMR Roleplays. Maybe in the future if my content really takes off and there is a demand for it.

How long does it take you to make an ASMR video/audio?

Anywhere from a few hours to over a week depending on the complexity of it. 

What kind of microphone do you use?

I alternate between a Blue Yeti USB mic and a 3Dio Freespace Pro II depending on the kind of ASMR I want to do as well as the time of year. (For example due to its high level of sensitivity I can't use the 3Dio in the summer as even at its lowest Gain setting it can still pick up the ambient noise of my A/C which I cannot turn off to record as I live in a very hot climate and recording can take a long time.) As of Fall 2023 I use a SR3D Binaural microphone (one built into a dummy head) as well.

What do you use to create your content?

I record in Adobe Audition, sound mix in Logic Pro, and edit video in Adobe Premiere, Vegas Pro, or Final Cut Pro depending on the computer I'm using. My older videos (made in 2017 - early spring 2018 ) had audio edited in Logic Pro and video done in Final Cut Studio. (I was professionally trained on Final Cut but not on Adobe Premiere hence why most of my Facecam videos have minimal editing.) 

Do you do collabs or have guest voices?

I do! I'm very open to anyone who wants to collaborate with me. So far I've had my husband D Knight as a guest voice as well as my friend Lena Starr. I have also done collabs with Tomoe The Neko ASMR, Cherry Chel ASMR, Azzie's Recordings/Bear Mama Audios, Kim Carter,  Chris Patton (professional VA) , Dude That's Wholesome/Lewd, Miyuki The Sultry Kitty, Blasian_Wannabe/mommykins_asmr, and several others! If you are a voice actor or ASMR artist and want to work together send me an email, hit me up on social media, or dm me on Discord!

Where can I find all of your content?

I used primarily upload to YouTube with Exclusives going up on my Patreon. Now my content will be going on ODYSEE. Shorter SD NSFW pieces are on PHub under KittiMinxASMR (must be 18+ to access) .However I have uploaded some of my pieces to BitChute (under KittiMinx) and Breach.TV (under kmasmr) as tests to see how those platforms perform as alternates due to how YouTube treats creators especially those they've deemed to not be Advertiser Friendly. If you see my content on other platforms it was stolen and not uploaded by me. 

Do you accept Fan Characters?

I do! And I may even incorporate them into my videos! There is a catch,however. To have your fan character made "canon" you have to commission art of them from Anna Maria Bryant/Kawitchii. 

Are your commissions open outside of Patreon?

As of summer 2021 my acceptance of commissions is at my discretion and is really based on the amount of work someone wants me to put into the piece. If it's overly complex likely it's a no. Sometimes I do offer Emergency Commissions that come with stipulations however (though those also tend to be discounted.) 

Do you do Livestreams?

I try to stream at least 2 evenings a week as my VTuber persona Orki the killer whale girl on Twitch !.( Usually most evenings a week after 10pm EST/7pm PST USA time. ) I also may randomly stream as my Kitti vtuber persona on YouTube just to hang out with people. IRL streams are mainly reserved for Patrons and people subbed on Fansly and sometimes on the adult streaming site as well.

Where can I send Fan Art, Fanfiction, or physical gifts?

Please email me your fanwork! You can find my email under the Contact page. I'll feature your Fan Art in a vlog and on my social media! As for physical gifts, I have a PO Box which you can find on the About page. 

What Social Media do you use?

I have a Facebook Page ( KittiMinxASMR), a Twitter ( @KittiMinxASMR ), and an Instagram ( @kittiminx),. My Twitter contains Adult Content.

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